How To Duck Dive When Surfing


So you want to know how to duck dive? Let us provide an expert guide on how to duck dive when surfing. Here it is:

Duck diving is an essential technique for any surfer who wants to navigate through breaking waves with ease. It involves diving under an oncoming wave, rather than trying to paddle over it. In this guide, we’ll cover the step-by-step process of how to duck dive like a pro.

Step 1: Paddle Toward the Wave

To start, paddle toward the wave at an angle. You want to approach the wave with enough speed to carry you through the wave, but not so fast that you lose control.

Step 2: Time Your Approach

As the wave approaches, time your approach so that you reach the wave just before it breaks. This will give you the best chance of duck diving successfully.

Step 3: Position Yourself on the Board

As you approach the wave, position yourself on the board with your back foot near the tail of the board and your chest near the centre. Lean forward slightly, keeping your weight centred over the board.

Step 4: Take a Deep Breath

Before you duck dive, take a deep breath and prepare to submerge yourself under the wave.

Step 5: Push Down on the Board

As the wave approaches, push down on the board with your hands, using your body weight to push the board down under the water.

Step 6: Dive Under the Wave

At the same time, dive under the wave, pushing the board forward and down as you submerge yourself. Use your arms and legs to propel yourself under the wave, and keep your eyes open to guide yourself through the wave.

Step 7: Surface on the Other Side

As you emerge on the other side of the wave, pop up quickly onto the board and resume paddling. Keep your weight centered over the board and your eyes focused on the horizon.

In conclusion, duck diving is an essential technique for navigating through breaking waves when surfing. To duck dive like a pro, paddle toward the wave at an angle, time your approach, position yourself on the board, take a deep breath, push down on the board, dive under the wave, and surface on the other side. With practice and experience, you’ll become more comfortable and confident with this technique, allowing you to enjoy the thrill and challenge of surfing to the fullest.

Here is a great video to leverage our guide from Barefoot Surf:

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