How To Stand Up On A Surfboard


We all know, its the hardest part about beginning to surf… standing up. So, lets dive into it and get you surfing sooner.

Step 1: Paddle into a wave

To start, paddle into a wave that is about to break. Ideally, you want to catch a wave that is waist-high or smaller, to make it easier to stand up.

Step 2: Position yourself correctly on the board

As the wave approaches, start to paddle harder to match the speed of the wave. Once you feel the wave lift the tail of your board, place your hands on either side of your chest and push up to a “plank” position, keeping your feet close to your body.


Step 3: Move into a crouched position

As the wave continues to lift your board, bring your back foot forward and place it on the board, bending your knees and moving into a crouched position. Keep your eyes focused on the horizon, and your weight centered over the board.

Step 4: Stand up

Once you are in the crouched position, shift your weight forward and push up with your arms, lifting your torso off the board. At the same time, bring your front foot forward and place it on the board, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stand up fully and adjust your balance by moving your feet as needed.

Step 5: Ride the wave

Congratulations! You’re now standing up on a surfboard. To ride the wave, keep your knees bent, your weight centered over the board, and your eyes focused on the direction you want to go. Use your arms to help maintain balance, and shift your weight as needed to turn or maintain speed.

In conclusion, to stand up on a surfboard, paddle into a wave, position yourself correctly on the board, move into a crouched position, stand up, and ride the wave. With practice, you’ll become more comfortable and confident standing up on a surfboard, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of surfing.

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