The Best Surfing Magazines in Australia


Surfing is an incredibly popular sport and lifestyle in Australia, with a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. With the growth of surfing culture, came a demand for informative publications to inspire, inform and entertain surfers across Australia. Today, there are several surfing magazines in circulation, each with its unique focus, style and approach to covering the sport.

A Brief History of Surfing Magazines in Australia

The Early Days of Surf Publications

The first surfing magazine in Australia was ‘Surfing World’, which launched in 1962. It was a humble beginning for the surfing journalism industry, but it paved the way for other publications to emerge. Surfing World quickly became a must-read for surfers across the country, providing them with insights into the latest trends, techniques, and gear. The magazine also featured stunning photography, capturing the beauty and power of the ocean in a way that had never been seen before.

As the popularity of surfing grew throughout the 1960s and 1970s, so too did the number of surfing publications. Tracks and Australian Surfer were among the magazines that emerged during this time, each with their own unique take on the sport. Tracks, in particular, became known for its irreverent and often controversial content, pushing the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in mainstream media.

Despite the competition, Surfing World remained a stalwart of the industry, thanks in large part to its commitment to quality content. The magazine continued to evolve, embracing new technologies and experimenting with different formats, but its dedication to providing readers with the best surfing journalism never wavered.

The Rise of Modern Surfing Magazines

As technology evolved, so too did the surfing magazine industry. Digital publishing meant that more people could access content from their smartphones, tablets, and desktops, and surfing magazines were quick to take advantage of this new medium. The rise of social media also provided new opportunities for magazines to connect with readers, with many publications building large online communities around their brands.

Today, there are a plethora of surfing magazines available in Australia, catering to a wide range of interests and styles. Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine, for example, focuses specifically on bodyboarding, providing readers with in-depth coverage of the latest gear and techniques. Wavelength Surf Magazine, on the other hand, takes a more holistic approach to surfing, exploring the culture, history, and lifestyle that surrounds the sport.

Despite the challenges facing the media industry as a whole, surfing magazines continue to thrive in Australia. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, there’s a magazine out there that’s sure to inspire and inform you on your surfing journey.

Top Australian Surfing Magazines

Australia is known for its world-class surf breaks and surfing culture. It’s no surprise that there are a number of high-quality surfing magazines that cater to surfers of all levels. Here are some of the top Australian surfing magazines that every surfer should check out:

Tracks Magazine

Tracks Magazine has been a staple in the Australian surfing community since 1970. The magazine focuses on high-performance surfing, surf travel, and the surf lifestyle in Australia. Tracks is known for its stunning photography, in-depth reporting, and technical advice. The magazine has won numerous awards for its quality content, making it a must-read for any serious surfer.

One of the standout features of Tracks Magazine is its coverage of surf travel. The magazine provides detailed information on some of the best surf destinations around the world, including Australia’s own incredible coastline. Whether you’re planning your next surf trip or just dreaming about one, Tracks is the perfect resource.

Surfing Life

Surfing Life is another popular surfing magazine in Australia. The magazine caters to surfers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Surfing Life provides detailed reports on surf breaks around Australia, improving surfing technique, and surfer profiles. The magazine’s in-depth feature articles cover environmental issues and human interest stories that keep surfers informed and inspired.

One of the standout features of Surfing Life is its coverage of surfboard technology. The magazine provides detailed reviews of the latest surfboards on the market, as well as tips for choosing the right board for your skill level and surfing style. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Surfing Life has something to offer.

Australian Surfing World

Australian Surfing World is Australia’s longest-running surfing magazine. The magazine features thorough surf break reports and surf-related news and stories. Australian Surfing World’s high-quality photography showcases the beauty of the sport and its culture.

One of the standout features of Australian Surfing World is its coverage of the history of surfing in Australia. The magazine provides in-depth articles on some of the legends of Australian surfing, as well as the evolution of the sport over the years. Whether you’re a surfing history buff or just curious about the roots of the sport, Australian Surfing World has something for you.

Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine

Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in bodyboarding. The magazine has a cult following of bodyboard enthusiasts who crave articles on the sport, product reviews, and the latest techniques from seasoned professionals worldwide. The style is a mix of informative content and stunning photography, showcasing the intensity of the bodyboarding scene in Australia and beyond.

One of the standout features of Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine is its coverage of the bodyboarding community. The magazine provides detailed profiles of some of the top bodyboarders in the world, as well as coverage of competitions and events. Whether you’re a seasoned bodyboarder or just getting started, Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine is the perfect resource.

Wavelength Surf Magazine

Wavelength Surf Magazine is a publication designed to inform and entertain Australian surfers. The magazine covers surfboard, wetsuit, and surf accessories reviews, as well as articles from professional surfers about their techniques and boards. The magazine also provides useful destination spots for surfers, making it a great resource for planning your next surf trip.

One of the standout features of Wavelength Surf Magazine is its coverage of surf culture. The magazine provides in-depth articles on some of the most interesting and influential surfers in the world, as well as coverage of surf-related events and festivals. Whether you’re a die-hard surfer or just interested in the culture, Wavelength Surf Magazine has something for everyone.

Overall, these top Australian surfing magazines are must-reads for anyone interested in the sport. From in-depth reporting to stunning photography, these magazines provide a wealth of information and inspiration for surfers of all levels.

What Makes a Great Surfing Magazine

Surfing is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life. From the adrenaline rush of catching the perfect wave to the sense of community that comes with being a surfer, there’s something truly special about this water-based activity. For many surfers, reading surfing magazines is an essential part of their surfing experience. But what makes a great surfing magazine? Let’s dive in and find out.

Quality of Content

Great surfing magazines provide a balance of entertainment and information. They deliver in-depth feature articles, photos, and interviews that give surfers new perspectives on the sport, and keep enthusiasts up-to-date on the cutting-edge of surfing news and culture. But it’s not just about the content itself; it’s also about the quality of the writing. A great surfing magazine should be well-written, engaging, and informative, with a voice that speaks to surfers of all levels.

Stunning Photography

Surf magazines are known for their breathtaking photography that captures the beauty of the ocean, waves, and surfing sunrises and sunsets. But great surfing magazines take it to the next level, with images that transport readers to the heart of the surfing experience. From up-close shots of surfers in action to sweeping vistas of the coastline, the photography in a great surfing magazine should make readers feel like they’re right there in the water.

In-Depth Interviews and Features

Surfers love to read about other surfers’ stories, where they surf and what they surf. Great surfing magazines give access to exclusive profiles and interviews with prominent surfers, from the world champion surfers to surf icons. But it’s not just about the big names; great surfing magazines also feature interviews with up-and-coming surfers, local legends, and anyone else who has a story to tell about the surfing life.

Surfing Tips and Techniques

Surfing magazines that offer practical advice are highly valued by readers. Knowing how to improve their surfing technique, mastering new moves, or choosing the right surfing equipment and gear can make a real difference to surfers. But it’s not just about the basics; great surfing magazines should also provide advanced tips and techniques for experienced surfers looking to take their skills to the next level.

Environmental and Community Initiatives

Surfing culture has a profound respect for the environment and the wellbeing of communities it serves. Great surfing magazines take up causes, educate, and create awareness. Whether it’s highlighting the impact of climate change on our oceans, promoting sustainability in surfing, or showcasing the work of surf-related charities and non-profits, surfing magazines that express these values will always have a place in the surfing world.In conclusion, a great surfing magazine should be more than just a collection of articles and photos; it should be a reflection of the surfing community and culture. By providing quality content, stunning photography, in-depth interviews and features, practical tips and techniques, and a commitment to environmental and community initiatives, a great surfing magazine can truly capture the essence of the surfing lifestyle.


Surfing magazines in Australia have a vast range of style and approaches to covering the sport, from cutting edge technologies, news, and surf reports to beautiful photography and inspiring stories. Whatever the style, they share a common goal of delivering quality, informative, and engaging content to surfers.

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